| August 01, 2017 | |

From school supplies for a first grader to tuition and textbooks for college, back-to-school costs can add up. But when it comes to a fast Internet – often as necessary for students as a backpack – parents will be glad to know they are getting much more for their money compared to 10 years ago.

Internet access has always been a great educational investment. For students, broadband opens a world of knowledge, information and exploration. Broadband also has been the great equalizer in education, giving students in smaller or more isolated communities and students in large urban areas access to the same information. Today, almost every single person – urban, suburban or rural – has access to fast internet.

The past decade has seen huge changes in the Internet, with an increase in speed and a decrease in costs. Between 2006 and 2016, internet speeds increased, amazingly, more than 125 times over, according to research from NCTA – The Internet & Television Association. At the same the price per megabit per second has dropped a whopping 90 percent.

More amazing: the fastest U.S. broadband speed tier is 660 times faster than it was in 2002 even as nominal prices have remained mostly flat, and price per mbps continues to drop, according to Broadband for America.

The huge increase in broadband speeds, even as the cost declines, reflects cable’s commitment to make tremendous investments in and upgrades to their networks. Cable has invested over $250 billion in broadband infrastructure over the past 20 years, according to a report examining the state of internet in the United States.

Cable’s dedication to being a leader in technological advances also has allowed it to offer its customers greater value for the money in other areas as well. Today’s cable packages offer more programming choices and options, as well as more ways to enjoy that programming, such as TV Everywhere.

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