February Programming Highlights

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Sunday, 02/10/2019
8pm – 10pm

After a friend and head of the National Archaeological Society meets an untimely death, Emma and Agent Conner find themselves questioning her colleagues’ motives. Stars Courtney Thorne-Smith, James Tupper. Stars Courtney Thorne-Smith and James Tupper. More.


Sunday, 02/10/2019
10pm – 10:30pm

A first look at the upcoming Chronicle Mysteries franchise. Hosted by Alison Sweeney. Stars Alison Sweeney. More.


Sunday, 02/17/2019
8pm – 10pm

Emerging podcaster Alex McPherson digs into a cold case that’s personal. With the help of local reporter, Drew, from the Harrington Chronicle, new mysteries mix with old as the two work to recover what’s been lost. Stars Alison Sweeney, Craig Baumgarten, and Melissa Salmons. More.


Sunday, 02/24/2019
8pm – 10pm

Podcaster Alex McPherson seeks the truth behind the tragic death of a young lawyer, while partner Drew finds himself diving into the shady mishaps of a shipping company. Stars Alison Sweeney and Benjamin Ayres. More.

Autopsy: The Last Hours Of…
Sunday, February 10 7PM CST

This hit documentary series reveals the truth behind the deaths of celebrities. Based on crucial medical evidence from the actual autopsy and interviews with friends, family and experts, each episode reconstructs the final hours and sheds light on the events that led to the celebrity’s death. All new hour-long episodes focus on the lives and last hours of Michael Clarke Duncan, Rue McClanahan, Howard Hughes, Christopher Reeve, Luther Vandross, John Candy and Rick James. More.

Price of Fame
Sunday, February 10 8PM CST

The road to stardom is often paved with amazing and devastating public and private events. In hour-long episodes of this new series viewers will see the heartfelt stories of Selena Gomez, Angelina Jolie, Robert Downey Jr., Mackenzie Phillips, Princess Diana and the cast of Diff’rent Strokes. Whether it’s turbulent family drama, harrowing substance abuse, outlandish spending habits or a combination of those and more, these celebrities all paid a hefty price for their fame. More.


Cable is the leading broadband provider in Texas and the nation, with about two-thirds of all high-speed internet subscribers. In fact, as of this year 80 percent of U.S. households can now receive gigabit service through cable. And the Texas Cable Association strongly supports the continued expansion of broadband service in the state.

As cable continues to add broadband subscribers in Texas and across the country, it isn’t just about numbers. It’s also about following a set of principles for responsible broadband deployment, especially in Texas which has the second highest number of broadband subscribers in the United States. These principles will be guiding the Texas Cable Association, its member companies andthe Texas Legislature as it considers ways to expand broadband to those who do not have access.

For example, the Texas cable industry believes that deployment should focus on the areas of greatest eed. Texas cable operators believe that a properly structured state-funded broadband deployment program must ensure that limited government resources are allocated to unserved areas only, and not to overbuild areas where residents already have access to broadband service. The cable industry has invested $275 billion of its own capital over the past 20 years to upgrade and boost internet access.

Internet service providers, including cable, continue to work to find ways to bring high-speed internet to areas all over the map. For example, for the past two years Charter has been testing its 3.5GHz fixed wireless solution for rural broadband in several markets across the nation that were chosen for their terrain, inclement weather and other potential obstacles.

As the Texas Legislature considers how to expand broadband across the state, the Texas Cable Association will be watching to see how they address issues related to that expansion, such as:

  • Funding – How will expansion be financed? The cost must be spread amongst the greatest population possible. Additionally, TCA supports payment through general revenues or bonds, but not a telecommunications or broadband specific fee assessed on existing broadband customers or a new Universal Service Fund regulated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas.
  • Areas eligible – Where would expansion dollars be spent? TCA supports the use of government funding first in areas not served by existing broadband providers and in areas without access to wireline or fixed wireless broadband service. 
  • Mapping – What areas are considered unserved vs. underserved? What are the criteria? When mapping which areas of Texas are unserved, TCA supports using FCC census blocks and the FCC’s speed benchmark of 25 Mbps download/3 Mbps upload as determining factors.
  • Project approval – How will proposed expansion projects be evaluated and rewarded? TCA believes taxpayer money should be spent on sustainable, technology-neutral projects built in certified unserved areas by an entity with broadband deployment experience. Awards must be transparent. Government-owned networks should not be eligible.

In a relatively short time, broadband access has become a necessity rather than a luxury. It’s essential to educate today’s students; conduct business; stay connected with family or friends, both near and far; or even provide medical treatment without a patient needing to travel long distances – or at all – to see a doctor. And as the cable industry continues to invest in technology and innovation, the possibilities for the future cannot even be imagined.

No question, every Texan deserves access to the internet. The Texas Cable Association is committed to working with legislators, regulators and others to ensure that access is provided in a careful, deliberate manner so that the most Texans benefit.


The Texas Cable Association’s staff – with decades of combined policy experience – will represent and advocate for cable and telecommunications issues at the Texas Capitol during the 86th legislative session. 

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In the not-too-distant past, a Texan interested in activity at the Texas Capitol had to travel to Austin (quite a distance from some parts of our massive state) to watch it live or rely on media coverage to hear what happened afterward. Today, it’s just a matter of a few clicks of the computer keyboard or picking up a mobile device.

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December Programming Highlights

CHRISTMAS ON THE COAST: New York romance novelist Dru Cassadine is desperate after a string of flops. Struggling to write a best seller, Dru retreats to her coastal childhood home. Suddenly raw fiction turns to real romance as handsome widower Brysen Flynn enters her life. Watch Christmas On the Coast, Monday, Dec 24th at 7pm CT, on INSP.

25 Days of Celebrity: This holiday season REELZ invites you to join us in celebrating the real lives and real stories of some of our favorite REELZ celebrities during the 25 Days of Celebrity. Remember to check the website every day to see what naughty or nice celebrity will be featured that night on REELZ. More:


Not only was Cyber Monday the largest Cyber Monday in history, it actually was the largest online shopping day of all time in the United States, with a whopping $7.9 billion in sales. And that’s just the start of the holiday spending: In the U.S. alone, shoppers are expected to spend $151 billion online this holiday season, up 14 percent from $133 billion in 2017.

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