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Altice USA rolls out low-cost broadband service

Altice USA announced that its “Economy Internet” low-cost broadband service is available in both its Suddenlink footprint, including in Texas, and Optimum service areas to provide eligible families and senior citizens with access to fast, high-quality internet connectivity at an affordable price. The $14.99 per month service offers broadband speeds of up to 30 Mbps downstream and free in-home WiFi. Learn more.

Altice USA celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with launch of student essay contest

Altice USA is holding its annual student essay contest in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month. The company has partnered with Condista, which represents several Spanish-language TV channels. The contest is open to middle-school students (grades 6 through 8) and high-school students (grades 9 through 12) in the communities that Altice USA serves with its Optimum and Suddenlink services. The 2017 essay contest asks students to: “Name a Latino, past or present, with whom you would choose to spend a day and explain why.” Entries are due Nov. 1. Learn more.


C-SPAN, created in 1979 as a public service by the U.S. cable industry and now in 100 million households, recently announced travels in Texas in a brand new bus, a milestone for its video library and a student video competition. It’s a busy fall for C-SPAN, with a goal to make government more open to the public solely with funding from cable and other video providers – it accepts no government money or underwriting support.

C-SPAN’s newest bus is coming to Texas Nov. 2-3 as part of its U.S. tour in partnership with its cable affiliates to engage with teachers, students, elected officials and viewers to showcase C-SPAN’s multiplatform service resources. The C-SPAN bus also will be near the Texas Capitol in Austin as part of the Texas Book Festival on Nov. 4-5 and will be covering the festival live on C-SPAN2’s Book TV.

Since 1993, a C-SPAN Bus has traveled across the nation in partnership with C-SPAN’s cable and satellite providers to interact with the public through visits to local schools and community events.

The new high-tech, interactive C-SPAN Bus includes:

  • Access to an exclusive interactive experience available on 11 large screen tablets featuring C-SPAN programming and a myriad of political and educational resources
  • A smart TV and classroom area for conversations with students and teachers
  • A high-definition TV production studio for taped and live programming
  • A D.C. themed selfie station where visitors can share their bus experience through social media.

About eight years after C-SPAN first went on the air, it decided to record everything shown on its networks. On Sept 15, C-SPAN’ video library marked its 30th anniversary. During those years, it has collected and cataloged over 165,000 events, including 14,000 Congressional hearings and 829 commencement speeches. Just like the rest of C-SPAN’s operations, the video library is privately funded by the cable industry and available for free to the public.

Meanwhile, middle and high school students across the country are invited to participate in

C-SPAN’s 14th annual StudentCam competition. The theme: “The Constitution and You” – entrants are to choose a provision of the U.S. Constitution and create a video illustrating why it’s important to the entrant. Entries are due Jan. 18, and the competition awards $100,000 in cash prizes. Learn more about the competition and how to enter.

While C-SPAN started with just one channel, today it operates three networks, an internet radio channel, a website with live coverage of events, and presence on numerous social media platforms. C-SPAN earlier this year

Are you watching C-SPAN? Every four years it commissions a survey of its audience. Among the findings from the most recent survey, released earlier this year: an estimated 70 million U.S. adults have accessed C-SPAN content in the past six months, and the audience is geographically balanced, fairly evenly split along gender lines, and politically active.




With about two-thirds of broadband subscribers in the U.S., cable’s broadband market share is at its highest level in 13 years, new data finds.

The latest quarterly stats show that cable companies now have 59.9 million broadband subscribers, having added 460,000 during the second quarter of 2017. Cable companies added about 3.1 million broadband subscribers over the past year, while telcos had net losses of about 550,000 broadband subscribers.

Why are broadband users flocking to cable and abandoning telcos? Faster speeds, upgraded equipment and evolving technology are some of the reasons cited.

Another recent report by independent internet testing group finds that both the average download and upload speed of fixed wired internet in the United States have increased over the past year. The report credits cable providers who are “making all the necessary investments and infrastructure upgrades to roll out DOCSIS 3.1 and to the increased affordability of higher tiered packages,” according to the report.

The U.S. broadband network has been built with $1.4 trillion of private capital investment. As a result, broadband networks reach nearly every corner of the nation – cable, the largest broadband provider, are available to 93 percent of U.S. homes. Learn more about broadband in the U.S.

Altice USA Extends Low-Cost Broadband Service across the Country

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Altice USA (NYSE:ATUS), one of the largest broadband communications and video services providers in the United States, today announces that its ‘Economy Internet’ low-cost broadband service is available in both its Optimum and Suddenlink footprints, providing eligible families and senior citizens with access to fast, high-quality internet connectivity at an affordable price.

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Altice USA (NYSE: ATUS), one of the largest broadband communications and video service operators in the United States and the provider of Optimum and Suddenlink-branded internet, TV and phone services, today announces that it has launched its annual student essay contest in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month. The Company has partnered with Condista, which represents Spanish-language TV channels including Atreseries, Antena3, NTN24, Nuestra Tele and Sur Perú among others. 

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September Programmer Highlights

C-SPAN is proud to announce their StudentCam 2018 documentary competition. Now in its fourteenth year, this competition for middle and high school students continues to be a great opportunity to promote cable’s commitment to education.

This year, the theme is: The Constitution & You: Choose a provision of the U.S. Constitution and create a video illustrating why it’s important to you. C-SPAN will award $100,000 in cash prizes to 150 winning groups.

Starting in early September, C-SPAN’s website will have fully customizable resources to use while speaking with local schools, teachers, and elected officials on this educational and fun project. Use these resources to spread the word about this opportunity in your community:

  • StudentCam announcement press release
  • Template letter for educators and elected officials
  • Social media ideas for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • StudentCam image library – downloadable logos and an infographic to increase awareness of the competition via your website, social media outlets, print, and other promotional materials
  • Customizable cross-channel spot

REELZ is the only network that sheds new light on celebrities by uncovering the truth behind fame and digging deeper into the real stories that inspire Hollywood, on the screen and in real life. 

Scandal Made Me Famous: Scandal Made Me Famous is a documentary series that shows the unforgettable stories that turned everyday people into household names. Each hour-long episode unfolds in the storytelling tradition of the fan favorite original series Murder Made Me Famous but Scandal Made Me Famous proves you don’t have to kill to become a notorious celebrity—you just have to be a part of a killer scandal. In Season two, premiering in September: The Runaway Bride, Jennifer Wilbanks was the subject of a media circus known all over the world in 2005 when she faked her own kidnapping and claimed that she was sexually abused. Heidi Fleiss was a well-known former madam in the early 1990s; Heidi’s famous journal was the talk of Los Angeles because it revealed very famous clients
  • FEATURED EPISODE: Scandal Made Me Famous: Heidi Fliess
  • EPISODE AIR DATE: Saturday, Sept. 9
  • FEATURED EPISODE: Scandal Made Me Famous: The Runaway Bride
  • EPISODE AIR DATE: Saturday, Sept. 16
Copycat Killers: This series goes behind the headlines of real-life murder cases which copy memorable slayings seen in Hollywood movies. Each episode features a mystifying murder scene and law enforcement’s hunt for the killer.  Premiering in September, Allan Bentley was inspired by the movie “Reservoir Dogs” and after finding out that a friend was dating his ex-girlfriend, decided to recreate the film’s bloodiest scene, roping in two friends as his accomplices in a gruesome series of events. Inspired by a scene from the Clint Eastwood classic “Dirty Harry” series, Dale Pierre and his friends rob a local electronics store with deadly results
  • FEATURED EPISODE: CopyCat Killers: Dirty Harry
  • EPISODE AIR DATE: Saturday, Sept. 23
  • FEATURED EPISODE: CopyCat Killers: Reservoir Dogs
  • EPISODE AIR DATE: Saturday, Sept. 30


SEPTEMBER WEEK ONE (August 28 – September 3)

CHESAPEAKE SHORES 2005: “Buried Treasures” (2017) –PREMIERE

Sunday, 9/3

8pm – 9pm

Nell discovers a treasure map that Bree made as a teen, leading Bree and Kevin to hunt for a family time capsule in the backyard; while Trace is in Nashville fighting his producer Mark Hall to keep Leigh on an upcoming album at the risk of his own career, Abby meets a handsome widower in the PTA.

Stars Meghan Ory, Jesse Metcalfe, Treat Williams, Diane Ladd, Laci Mailey, Emilie Ullerup and Barbara Niven.


For more information: 

SEPTEMBER WEEK TWO (September 4 – September 10)

CHESAPEAKE SHORES 2006: “Crossing the Bridge” (2017) – PREMIERE

Sunday, 9/10

8pm – 9pm

As the nightclub opening nears, Trace spends late nights practicing with Leigh and his band, while Mick fights city hall to receive a live music permit; Abby receives a promotion at work, but it leaves her with less time to spend with the family and Trace.

Stars Meghan Ory, Jesse Metcalfe, Treat Williams, Diane Ladd, Laci Mailey, Emilie Ullerup and Barbara Niven.


For more information:

SEPTEMBER WEEK THREE (September 11 – September 17)

CHESAPEAKE SHORES 2007: “All Our Yesterdays” (2017) – PREMIERE

Sunday, 9/17

8pm – 9pm

Mick receives damaging information about Thomas and considers whether to use it in their town hall debate over the family land trust; Jess plans a special meal to win David over but is fearful to take the next step in their relationship.

Stars Meghan Ory, Jesse Metcalfe, Treat Williams, Diane Ladd, Laci Mailey, Emilie Ullerup and Barbara Niven.


For more information:

SEPTEMBER WEEK FOUR (September 18 – September 24)


Saturday, 9/23

8pm – 10pm

When a best-selling author decides to escape the media frenzy, her plan goes awry when a she’s caught in a thunderstorm and crashes her car. Found wandering with no memory and no ID, the town doctor (and a single dad) offers up his guest house until her memory returns. But as she blends seamlessly into their family life, she must decide if the life she’s been living is the life she wants.

Stars Julie Gonzalo and Benjamin Ayres


For more information:

CHESAPEAKE SHORES 2008: “Face to Face” (2017) – PREMIERE

Sunday, 9/24

8pm – 9pm

Away from the distraction of technology, Abby and Trace talk about their past and the future during a camping getaway; with some encouragement from Nell, Mick and Thomas try to work out their differences in person.

Stars Meghan Ory, Jesse Metcalfe, Treat Williams, Diane Ladd, Laci Mailey, Emilie Ullerup and Barbara Niven.


For more information:

OCTOBER WEEK ONE (September 25 – October 1)


Saturday, 9/30

8pm – 10pm

A widowed surgeon visits her family’s pear orchard in hopes of taking a break from her overbooked life and reconnecting with her distant son. She starts to fall for the farm manager, Will, who is growing a new hybrid pear and teaches her the importance of her heritage.

Stars Jen Lilley and Ryan Paevey.


For more information:



Sunday, 9/24

8pm – 10pm

When The Postables discover an antique vase with a letter inside, they trace the package to three little girls who attempted to sell the vase 18 years ago in order to save their family farm. While the vase was an heirloom from many generations ago, the origin is suspicious. With the farm again facing financial hardship, The Postables must choose between doing what’s legal and what’s moral.

Stars Kristin Booth, Eric Mabius, Colleen Camp, Barry Botswick.


For more information:

And the Winner is…

The envelope please! The Primetime Emmy Awards, recognizing excellence in the television industry, will be aired live on Sunday, Sept. 17, and cable programming is sure to be among the winners. One winner already has been announced – kudos to Comcast!

When the nominations for the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards were announced, cable programmers were big contenders. Shows developed by cable received a total of 315, led by HBO with a whopping 110 nominations.

Interestingly, cable programs were excluded from Emmy consideration until 1988, but within a decade were making inroads in the awards arena.

In recent years, the domination of cable’s original programming has been no surprise, given that it’s becoming the gold standard in the TV’s new “golden era” as cable networks are nourishing creativity and are saddled with less content restrictions and regulations than traditional broadcast channels.

This year, every nominee in the “Limited Series” category was produced by a cable programmer. As NCTA – The Internet & Television Association notes, “That’s no accident, cable networks continue to attract the top showrunners, directors, actors, and writers. Programmers invest billions of dollars each year to give us some of the most popular and critically acclaimed shows around.”

Check out the full list of nominees to see if your favorite show is up for an award.

So will cable take home the lion’s share of the gold (statues)? Tune in to find out.

Meanwhile, winners of the Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards have already been announced, and Comcast has won an Emmy for its Xfinity X1 Voice Remote. This is the third Emmy the company has won related to technology that runs Comcast’s X1 platform. Comcast launched the X1 Voice Remote in 2015, and said customers gave more than 3.4 billion voice commands using it during 2016. Comcast said it has deployed nearly 17 million X1 Voice Remotes.

Comcast’s award will be presented at the Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards in Las Vegas on April 8, 2018, held in partnership with the National Association of Broadcasters and the NAB Show.

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