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Ah, summer vacation – a time to rest, relax and recharge. But while you’re away, who’s watching your home and protecting your valuables? At one time, you might have had to rely on a friendly neighbor to keep an eye on things. Today you can have piece of mind that cable’s also on the job. 

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Spectrum Hires 250 at its New McAllen Call Center

The company is seeking hundreds of additional bilingual representatives to provide Spanish-language customer service for Spectrum TV™, Internet and Voice

MCALLEN, TEXAS (June 29, 2017) – Spectrum announced it has filled 250 of more than 600 U.S. jobs at its new call center in McAllen, Texas, where it hosted several local leaders at an open house today. The company plans to hire more than 300 additional employees at the new center by the end of 2017, with more than 600 in place when the facility is fully staffed in early 2018.

Representatives at the center are bilingual, and are currently handling service calls in Spanish for Charter Communications, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: CHTR) Spectrum TV™ service. In the coming months, representatives will begin handling service calls from Spectrum Internet™ and Voice customers, as well as billing questions, ultimately serving Spanish-speaking customers across the company’s 41-state service area.

The new jobs are part of Charter’s plan to hire 20,000 employees — the vast majority serving customers directly — by returning call center jobs to the U.S., insourcing and growing to meet customer demand for its services. Spanish-speaking customers have usually been served by outsourced call centers, often outside the U.S.

“Our new McAllen center reflects our deep commitments to craftsmanship and diversity,” said Greg McMichael, Charter Senior Vice President, Customer Service. “Through this center of excellence, we are providing the best possible experience for Spanish-speaking customers while creating hundreds of new career opportunities for residents of the Rio Grande Valley.”

“It takes a lot of communication to make great business happen and the McAllen Spectrum call center exemplifies great communication and strong teamwork from all entities involved,” said City of McAllen Mayor Jim Darling.

“Not only is Spectrum providing good-paying jobs that will help the company and our city prosper and grow, but also, the agreement that the City of McAllen developed with the industry-leading communications company will allow them to reinvest in their employees and will help put Spectrum and McAllen on the map for how business is done well. This type of public-private partnership is key to attracting the type of jobs and companies that we want in our community.”

Interested applicants should visit to apply and learn more about careers at Spectrum.

The Spectrum call center opened this spring, following an $18 million-plus remodeling of a nearly 95,000-square-foot former retail store and the accompanying site at 3701 N. 23rd St. in McAllen.


About Spectrum

Spectrum is a suite of advanced broadband services offered by Charter Communications, Inc., a leading broadband communications company and the second largest cable operator in the United States. Spectrum provides a full range of services, including Spectrum TV™ video entertainment programming, Spectrum Internet™ access, and Spectrum Voice™. Spectrum Business® similarly provides scalable, tailored, and cost-effective broadband communications solutions to business organizations, such as business-to-business Internet access, data networking, business telephone, video and music entertainment services, and wireless backhaul. More information about Spectrum can be found at

Media Contact:

Brian Anderson
(972) 630-5043
Twitter: @CharterNewsroom


Members of the Texas Cable Association (TCA) Board of Directors have elected the 2017-2018 Executive Committee and Board of Directors for one-year terms. TCA has been the primary trade organization for cable operators in Texas since 1960.

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Summer: Let the Games Begin!

Cable – from TV shows to streaming movies to online surfing – is a great go-to entertainment resource for bored out-of-school kids or others looking for indoor options during the blazing days of summer. But in recent years, online gaming has seen a steady surge in popularity in U.S. households. Online gaming traffic is predicted to increase eight-fold between 2015-2020, when gaming will make up 5 percent of consumer internet traffic, according to NCTA-The Internet and Television Association.

Of course, no matter how popular online gaming becomes, it can’t succeed without cable’s technological innovations that have led to faster internet speeds and improved latency. We’ve come a long way from the cartridges inserted into the early video game consoles 20 years ago!

Just who’s playing? An Entertainment Software Association survey found that 65 percent of American households are home to someone who plays video games regularly. In those households, the average gamer tends to be 35 years old.

They survey also found that gaming isn’t necessarily an individual activity – 67 percent of parents say they play video games with their children at least once a week.

The gaming community is expected to continue to grow with the rise of esports, or organized, multi-player professional competitive video gaming, which has become popular TV viewing in recent years – the global esports market was about $696 million in 2016 and could exceed $1 billion by 2019.

Example of this popularity: In late 2016, an esports competition, the “League of Legends” World Finals, drew 43 million viewers during the series finale – 12 million more people than watched the 2016 NBA Finals.

Whether you play online games or just watch them, true growth in gaming will depend on technology innovators such as the cable industry, which continues to expand on and deliver media and entertainment experiences for its customers.

Cable at the Capitol 2017: Sine Die

The Texas Cable Association had significant wins to celebrate when the 85th legislative session drew to a close on Monday, May 29. TCA worked to successfully protect the cable industry from unnecessary regulation and fees, chiefly in the areas of small cell deployment and Texas universal service funds. In addition to these priority bills, TCA also successfully lobbied against impact fees for cable in special purpose districts, and right-of-way liability and fees. Privacy and cybercrimes were also high priorities this session.

Among the Texas Cable Association’s legislative successes:

  • Small cell legislation, Senate Bill 1004, now on its way to the governor, creates a new Section 284 in the Local Government Code to regulate deployment of small cell devices in the municipal right of way. The final version includes cable’s carefully negotiated language to protect cable providers from additional fees for right of way access, protects wireless access points, and ensures a level playing field for all entrants to the cable market place.
  • TCA monitored a few bills on universal service fund. The most important among these, Senate Bill 586, focused on reforming the small carrier fund, will create a “mini-rate case” process to determine need for funds. As filed, the bill would have increased the size of TUSF fund $23-$28 million with no sunset date. TCA lobbied against the increase. The final bill now holds the rate steady, and reduced potential fund increases by 90 percent, or approximately $2 million. The bill will sunset in 2023, when the PUC is up for review.
  • Privacy protection became a high priority mid-session. When the FCC announced in April that it would not implement Obama-era rules on ISP privacy, the states rushed to file legislation to protect customers’ private information. Rep. Rafael Anchia (D-Dallas) filed such an amendment to the appropriations bill, Senate Bill 1. TCA worked with Anchia to address his concerns, pledged to work on the issue in the interim, and prevented passage of the amendment.

For more detailed information on any of these bills, or any legislation tracked by TCA this session, please contact TCA at (512) 474-2082, or

Altice Announces New Global Strategy: One Group, One Brand

Altice NV (Euronext: ATC, ATCB) today announces a new unified global strategy, representing a new step in the Group’s evolution to strengthen its industrial and operational platform. This follows Altice’s transformation into a leading transatlantic telecoms, content and advertising company serving more than 50 million customers around the world.

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C-SPAN & SPECTRUM Honored National Winners from Imagine International Academy of North Texas and Ozen High School in Beaumont

C‑SPAN and Spectrum visited Imagine International Academy of North Texas on May 2 and Ozen High School on May 3 to honor local winners for C‑SPAN’s annual student video documentary competition,StudentCam. During the visit, C‑SPAN Representatives presented a StudentCam certificate of merit to all 13 winning students during ceremonies in front of classmates, teachers and family members to recognize their achievement in the national competition.

StudentCam encourages middle and high school students to think critically about issues that affect our communities and nation. This year, students were asked to create a 5-7 minute video documentary about the topic, “Your Message to Washington: What is the most urgent issue for the new president and Congress to address in 2017?” In response, C‑SPAN received 2,903 video submissions from over 5,600 students in 46 states and Washington, D.C. One hundred fifty student and 53 teacher prizes were awarded, totaling $100,000 in prize money. Visit to watch all the winning videos.

“Spectrum is honored to partner with C-SPAN on their annual documentary contest, StudentCam, and we congratulate these local winners on their hard work and national achievement,” said Todd Baxter, Regional Vice President, Government Affairs.

In addition to C-SPAN & Spectrum representatives, a number of local elected officials joined to congratulate the students including Mayor Becky Ames of Beaumont, TX, Megan Pulley from Rep. Scott Sanford’s office and Megan Foreman from Congressman Sam Johnson’s office.

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