As Americans own more and more electronic devices and gadgets, the cable industry recognizes that managing energy consumption and its impact has become critical for both environmental and economic reasons. In honor of Earth Day (April 22), see how cable initiatives are decreasing the industry’s energy and environmental footprint, thanks to new services and technologies.

Chances are that you’re using more electronic gadgets than you were 10 years ago. The cable industry is committed to lowering the impact all those gadgets and devices have on our environment. Cable companies are working with programmers, equipment manufacturers, research labs and others to develop more energy-efficient products that save customers money and reduce emissions.

For example, the average energy consumption of DVRs, the most energy-intensive type of set-top box, has declined 33 percent over two years, according to a Nielsen study.

Other examples of eco-friendly cable initiatives include the development of energy-efficient set-top boxes, modems, routers and other equipment; low-power adapters; cloud-based delivery of services; and whole house services such as programmable thermostats that consumers can control remotely.

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