Cable conversion underway inside the Capitol Complex

| October 29, 2014 | |

Upgrade to digital may require new television sets in some offices.

Time Warner Cable is moving to a digital platform in the Capitol Complex this week, which may leave offices with older television sets without cable service.

The channel line-up Time Warner Cable provides to its Capitol Complex business customers is unique, with multiple slots, or channels, open for state-created content. The platform belongs to Time Warner, but various state offices feed the content.

With the conversion completed, the number of available open channels will be 28.

Those who turned on a television today in the Capitol Complex and got no reception possibly have a television that pre-dates 2006. A memorandum from Time Warner explains the required equipment, as well as the need to reprogram each television once the conversion is completed at the end of this week.

The digital conversion promises clearer pictures, more reliable service and will increase the number of channels available for simultaneous hearing room coverage, according to the memo that went out to various agencies today.

Susan Patten, a vice-president of government affairs for Time Warner in Texas, said an inventory taken by state officials showed most offices do have newer television sets capable of taking the digital feed. She stressed the conversion only applies for those in the Capitol Complex with a Time Warner subscription.

On the flip side, that means the conversion will not apply to those state agencies with other cable providers or to state offices outside the Capitol Complex. Questions can go to the customer care group at 866-519-1263.

Published in the Quorum Report on October 29, 2014.

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