TWC: Connect with the future of TV

| December 03, 2014 | |

Time Warner Cable will soon begin switching to an All-Digital Cable TV signal to provide customers  with even better picture and sound.

Click here to download an FAQ sheet that should answer any questions that come up, but if you have other questions or need an adapter in the future, please contact them at: or 1-844-220-6623.

Highpoints include:


  • Offices need a TV with a QAM tuner.
  • There is no box required, and there is no box that will work inside the capitol with an old TV.

OUTSIDE THE CAPITOL (i.e., homes and businesses)

  • Beginning Jan.20 all analog channels in Central Texas will be transitioned to digital – a few each week.
  • Customers will no longer be able to view these channels without a digital adapter or digital set-top box.
  • A Digital Adapter will be free the first year. It will be around $1.50/month after that.
  • Customers can – but don’t have to – get a regular digital converter, with more functionality. They are roughly $10/month.

Customers who need a digital adapter can obtain one:

  • By ordering online at
  • By calling Customer Care at 844-220-6623 – customers can order up to four digital adapters via Easy Connect mail order
  • At a retail location
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