Cable Keeps Kids Safe

| May 31, 2016 | |

Now that school’s out for the summer, kids have a lot of free time to fill. For many, that means increased time online or watching TV. How do you keep them safe in the digital world – especially if you can’t be there to monitor them? Cable has the solutions to put parents in control.

“Online safety” two decades ago meant monitoring your kids while they surfed the Internet on the family desktop computer. Today, mobile devices with wireless Internet connectivity mean kids primarily get their content on-the-go, whether it’s watching a streaming movie, using social media or surfing the Internet.

How do parents cope with the challenges of today’s rapidly evolving digital world? The website, launched by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, aims to empower parents by educating them about strategies to engage their children in important discussions about understanding online risks, privacy protection and digital citizenship.

The website provides tools and resources that let parents choose, educate and control the media and online content that is appropriate for their household.


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