October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

| September 28, 2016 | |

You’ve probably heard and read a lot about steps you, as a consumer, can take to stay safe while online. During National Cyber Security Awareness Month (October), here’s a look at cable’s commitment to protect its subscribers by identifying and addressing threats to its broadband network.


As consumers enjoy the benefit of being increasingly connected, they also must be aware of new risks from virtual threats. The cable industry encourages its subscribers to protect their devices and information when connected to the Internet. Cable also works with other industries, the federal government, researchers and others to make the Internet more secure.

The cable industry is active on the Federal Communications Commission’s Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council (chaired by a representative of Comcast). Among other duties, the Council provides recommendations to the FCC in order to ensure the optimal security and reliability of communications systems, including the telecommunications, media and public safety industries.

The cable industry also has formed a number of working groups that focus on securing the Internet from cyber threats such as email spam, malware and network attacks.

In 2014, Comcast joined with the University of Connecticut to create the Comcast Center of Excellence for Security Innovation. The center unites researchers from UConn’s Center for Hardware Assurance, Security, and Engineering and Comcast’s leadership in Internet systems security “to develop robust detection systems and analytical tools to ensure that the computer chips and other hardware components vital to Internet broadband systems are shielded from malicious attacks, unauthorized access and faulty or counterfeit products.”

Even as the industry works to protect the infrastructure in place from known threats, it is aware that the cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving.

Where can you learn more on steps you can take as an individual?

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Stop.Think.Connect. campaign is a national public awareness effort that increases the understanding of cyber threats and empowers the American public to be safer and more secure online.

Stay Safe Online, powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance, which includes Comcast, also offers resources to promote cybersecurity and privacy education and awareness.

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