Hire a Veteran

| October 31, 2016 | |

Texas cable operators are pleased, for the fifth year, to help the Texas Workforce Commission publicize its annual Hiring Red, White and You! job fairs in 30 cities across Texas through the airing of promotional PSAs.

Featured in the PSAs are U.S. Army veteran and University of Texas at Austin football alumni Nate Boyer and country music artist Aaron Watson. The PSAs can be viewed below.

The job fairs connect Texas veterans and their spouses with Texas employers who value the experience, discipline and other exceptional qualities inherent with a military background.

In the first four years, Hiring Red, White and You! has connected more than 42,000 veterans with over 6,400 employers. An estimated 927,000 veterans in Texas are eligible for work, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In addition, TCA and cable operators support a national cable initiative to hire and retain military veterans within the cable industry.

A year ago, Mission Media debuted to support the career and personal development of military veterans across the internet and television arena. Mission Media, a cable industry initiative led by the Cable and Telecommunications Human Resources Association (CTHRA), grew from the collective desire of numerous cable and entertainment companies to take a systematic, industry-level approach to the hiring and retention of military veterans

In the past year, Mission Media has gathered data on veteran hiring in the cable industry, which will help with the development of resources for moving forward with hiring and training veterans. It also joined with The Walt Disney Company to put on the Veterans Institute: Heroes Work Here Workshop to teach strategies to target, recruit, engage, develop and retain veterans.

Future plans include development of a virtual job fair website portal to help connect veterans with industry companies looking to hire, as well as possibly fellows, mentorship and other educational and recognition programs and opportunities.

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