State of the Internet 2017 – Courtesy of Cable

| January 15, 2017 | |

If you’re like most of us, you depend on the internet on a daily basis, whether at work or home. So what is the status of the internet in the United States? As a new year began, NCTA – The Internet & Television Association published a fascinating report, “The State of Internet in America in 2017.”

As the report notes, “The cable industry has been at the forefront of America’s internet leadership, having invested over $250 billion in broadband infrastructure over the past 20 years.” Among the other data nuggets pointed out by NCTA:

  • Top home internet speeds increased from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps in just five years.
  • American networks support 2.3 billion internet-connected devices.
  • Cable initiatives delivered low-cost internet to over 750,000 families in need.
  • $1.5 trillion was spent on internet infrastructure in the last 20 years.

For cable, it’s just the beginning: stay tuned for more investment, and more advances.

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