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Ah, summer vacation – a time to rest, relax and recharge. But while you’re away, who’s watching your home and protecting your valuables? At one time, you might have had to rely on a friendly neighbor to keep an eye on things. Today you can have piece of mind that cable’s also on the job.

It might take more than a sturdy deadbolt and a vigilant neighbor to help you fully enjoy a carefree vacation. Today, it’s easy for cable customers to watch over their homes while being away from them, whether through cable-enabled home security systems or through cameras and other monitoring devices powered by cable’s high-speed Internet services.

Comcast began offering home security services in 2012 and reported in April that it was approaching its millionth customer. Comcast subscribers can control their systems remotely via a smart phone app and can add services such as smoke monitoring, live video monitoring, remote thermostat control and automated lighting.

As one Comcast executive recently said, “We at Comcast like to think of having four fundamental lines of business: voice, video, data, home security.”

Yet even if your cable company doesn’t offer designated home security services, the exploding Internet of Things means that a growing number of devices – powered through cable broadband – offer numerous options to enhance the security of your home.

From video doorbells to outside security cameras to programmable indoor lighting, numerous devices on the market allow you to use a smartphone and the Internet to both control the device as well as monitor what’s going on remotely. As you make your home more automated, you are also making it more secure.

Who knows what the future will hold? The home automation market appears to be in its infancy – the global home automation system market was valued at $39.93 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach $79.57 billion by 2022, according to a research report.

For cable subscribers, using their cable provider for home security, versus a traditional security company, makes sense. First, cable companies already have installed the high-tech equipment that subscribers need for monitoring. Second, cable home security can be bundled with other cable products, such as video, digital phone or high-speed Internet, for a cost savings and the convenience of paying just one bill.

Remember the old days, when the end of a vacation meant you came home to a hot house and brown grass? Now home automation lets you crank down the thermostat to cool the house before you pull into the driveway, and use an app to trigger the sprinkler system if it doesn’t rain while you’re away.

It’s still a bummer when vacation’s over, but cable can make coming home a little more bearable, as well as let you rest more easily while you’re gone.

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