Cable Enables Innovation for Consumers

| February 01, 2018 | |

In January, we took a look back at the accomplishments of the cable industry in 2017, a banner year for innovation to benefit consumers. January’s Consumer Electronics Show – with hundreds of exhibitors showing off the latest breakthrough technologies – makes the start of a New Year the perfect time to see what’s in store for consumers, both now and in the future.

Futurism selected three top transformative trends from the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show – all of which rely on the type of broadband that’s cable’s specialty – fast, reliable, high capacity:

Virtual reality. Virtual reality and augmented reality should see record growth in 2018. Headsets and eyewear are predicted to reach 4.9 million units, a 25 percent increase over 2017, according to the Consumer Technology Association. Robust, reliable internet networks that can satisfy the speed and bandwidth needs required by these real-time interactions – such as those built by the cable industry – are critical for these technologies to work and evolve.

Artificial intelligence. More and more, broadband is enabling automation. Virtual assistants/smart home speakers (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant) sold millions over the holidays and were pervasive at CES. The cable industry also is taking advantage of its own broadband offerings to expand its own services. At CES, Comcast unveiled home automation plans that will soon allow its customers to give a command to their X1 voice remote that then automatically locks the home’s doors, turns off the lights, adjusts the thermostats and arms their home security system.

Health improvement gadgets. Cable’s broadband has been instrumental in the development of telemedicine, allowing patients to access health care remotely. Cable’s role in health care is becoming more personal, with the proliferation of wearable devices that monitor or enhance an individual’s well-being. From workout trackers to concussion detectors to robot pillows, here’s a rundown on some of the “health tech” seen at CES.

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