August Cable Programming Highlights

| August 13, 2019 | |

Just north of Las Vegas a real fortune awaits. The unforgiving Great Basin Desert may not seem like an ideal place to strike it rich, but buried beneath the barren landscape is a treasure worth millions. The challenge is knowing how to find it. For three generations the Otteson family has been unearthing some of the most sought-after turquoise in the world.Turquoise Fever follows the clan as they battle inhospitable conditions and intense dangers from their base of operations in Tonopah, Nevada. From detonating explosives on treacherous slopes to the pressure of meeting the demands of international buyers, every day is a wild adventure and there is always a thin line between failure and success. Watch the series premiere of Turquoise Fever on August 14th at 9PM ET, then tune in every Wednesday for an all new episode!

Cashed Out
Monday, August 5 @ 8pm CT
When a wealthy celebrity checks out there’s no shortage of people ready to cash in. Settling huge estates also means swatting away the shady people lurking in the background of a celebrity’s life who are ready to make claims in an attempt to collect.

Truth and Lies: The Family Manson
Thursday, August 8 @ 7pm CT
In 1969, amidst a counterculture era of sex, drugs, rock and roll and not long after the Summer of Love, Americans had a rude awakening when Charles Manson’s followers killed seven people on two consecutive nights. The two-hour ABC News special Truth and Lies: The Family Manson lays out the jarring details about the gruesome crime sprees committed by Manson and his cult of devoted followers. Included is footage of the one-on-one interview between Manson and Diane Sawyer, a relative of Sharon Tate and Manson family members Leslie Van Houten and Patricia Krenwinkel who give their chilling accounts of the murders and their involvement.

Robin Williams: When the Laughter Stops
Sunday, August 11 @ 8pm CT
Robin Williams was a towering talent with raucous unbridled energy and a spitfire style of telling jokes but he also battled alcoholism and drug use throughout his adult life. In the hour-long special Robin Williams: When the Laughter Stops we examine the dichotomy of his soaring showbiz success and untimely death while separating fact from fiction and creative work from the man behind it to understand not just from where his genius sprung but how that same wellspring lead to his demise.

John Wayne Gacy: Killer Clown’s Revenge
Part 1 – Sunday, August 18 @ 8pm CT
Part 2 – Monday, August 19 @ 8pm CT
Gacy’s shocking and depraved real story unfolds in the four-hour, two-night special John Wayne Gacy: Killer Clown’s Revenge with police investigators and experts recounting how Gacy’s wife and many others suspect he’s up to evil but thanks to his political connections and clown persona, Pogo, no one realizes the depths of his sinister crimes. He cruises the streets looking for young victims who he kills and buries in a crawlspace graveyard beneath his home. Gacy is found guilty of 33 counts of murder and sentenced to death as punishment for one of the most horrific killing sprees in American history.

The Real Story of…
Thursday, August 22 @ 8pm CT
The Real Story of… unpicks fact from fiction with interviews from the real people behind these extraordinary events. Each story is brought to life with enthralling dramatic reconstruction and archive footage of the actual events. What really happened is more intriguing, thrilling and revealing than what ever made it to theaters.

The Last 100 Days of Diana
Saturday, August 31 @ 8pm CT
In the two-hour special The Last 100 Days of Diana host Martin Bashir hears accounts from people inside Diana’s inner circle, including rare interviews with close friends and her personal staff from her former butler, chef and bodyguard to her press secretary and personal trainer. These voices provide deep insight into what Lady Diana was thinking as she navigated personal and public in the summer after her divorce from Prince Charles until her untimely death in 1997.

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Burt Reynolds
Tuesday, September 3 @ 8pm CT
In one of his most in-depth interviews before his death in 2018 legendary actor Burt Reynolds sat down with renowned TV host, reporter and personality Piers Morgan for a one-on-one interview to share his thoughts on being the biggest box-office draw in America in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s with hits including the Smokey and the Bandit movies, The Cannonball Run and The Longest Yard. Reynolds also opened up to Morgan about his personal life and relationships with fellow stars including his storied romance with Sally Field and his take on posing nude for Cosmopolitan magazine and how he says it cost him an Oscar®.

Joan Rivers: Behind Closed Doors
Wednesday, September 4 @ 8pm CT
Joan Rivers was a true showbiz pioneer. She was funnier, smarter and more risqué than her male counterparts at a time when comedy was unquestionably a man’s world. But despite all of the success of her 55-year career Rivers believed she never got the recognition she deserved and her acerbic and aggressive stand-up style let you know that she knew it. In Joan Rivers: Behind Closed Doors host Natalie Morales explores how Rivers became a groundbreaking comedian and entertainer and sheds light on who the real woman was beyond the footlights. Joan Rivers: Behind Closed Doors offers an intimate look at the tough, relentless woman who broke or ignored the prevailing rules of show business, hit rock bottom more than once and who rose to greater heights every time.

Patrick Swayze: Ghosts and Demons
Saturday, September 7
Patrick Swayze was a beloved leading man in Hollywood. But Swayze’s public face masked a world of pain, fear and self-sabotage. In the two-hour special, Patrick Swayze: Ghosts and Demons, see Swayze’s rise to fame lead him to his breakout role in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1983 The Outsiders. Swayze’s incredible acting range had him starring in TV shows as well as movies and the surprise hit Dirty Dancing also gave him an opportunity to show his skills as a singer and songwriter. Despite his many successes Swayze often battled with personal setbacks including his battles with alcohol and other personal tragedies that rattled the star to the core.

Capturing Chris Watts
Sunday, September 15 @ 7pm CT
He made a brazen missing persons plea for help to find his family just hours after they were reported missing but what Chris Watts didn’t reveal was that he had already strangled his pregnant wife Shannan and their daughters four-year-old Bella and three-year-old Celeste. In this chilling hour-long special Capturing Chris Watts draws upon more than 200 hours of never-before-seen police bodycam footage and surveillance footage from security cameras around the Watts’ Colorado home. It gives viewers a riveting inside look at a real-time police investigation as the cold-blooded killer unravels from his distraught family man façade, to the police’s interrogation, a failed lie detector test, before he breaks down in a tearful confession to his own father.

Stephen King: Master of Horror
Sunday, September 22 @ 8pm CT
From Hollywood stars John Lithgow and Jason Clarke on the set of Stephen King’s new remake of his classic movie Pet Sematary to the stars of Carrie and many old friends and movie critics this special tells the incredible tales behind King’s most famous books and movies. Known as the master of horror, King’s work is back on the big screen with Pet Sematary and the recent adaptation of IT becoming the biggest-selling horror movie of all time. With more than 350 million books sold and countless movies made King’s popularity knows no bounds but the road to success has been plagued with death, disappearance and addiction.

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