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Not that long ago, wishing Mom a Happy Mother’s Day or staying connected across the miles meant using snail mail or making a pricey per-minute long distance phone call. Now cable connects families with numerous, affordable options.

Mom always wants to hear from you, not just on Mother’s Day. Cable makes it easy.

High-speed broadband lets you send a simple note via email, or easily supports a face-to-face online video chat with clear picture and sound. Cable’s broadband networks are available in 93 percent of U.S. homes, while U.S. cable broadband customers surpassed 55 million in 2014. And with more than 10 million Wi-Fi hot spots deployed by cable operators, you can stay in touch from wherever you happen to be.

Broadband also is a great tool for online shopping, making sending Mom flowers or a special gift as easy as a few clicks on your computer or mobile device (hint hint).

Digital telephone allows unlimited calling for one affordable monthly rate, allowing you to spend as much time on the phone as you want. Many cable providers even let you dial up friends and family in a long list of other countries at no additional charge. Not home? You may be able to access your home phone service on your smartphone via an app, letting you chat and text from anywhere. Cable’s phone offering offers a great option for people looking for both useful features and savings.