From “TV Everywhere” to home automation to lightning-quick Internet, the cable industry is a leader in developing and deploying cutting-edge technology to give consumers expanded choices and increased access. In the video area alone, consumers now have an overwhelming number of choices for what and how to watch, driven by advancements in technology and the availability of high-speed Internet.

When family members can connect to high-speed broadband to play video games, watch a movie and surf on various devices all at the same time, that’s innovation. When you don’t have to be home to set the DVR, turn on your lights or open the door when the appliance repairman arrives, that’s innovation. And when you can conveniently watch shows that were never recorded or watch TV nearly everywhere via mobile devices — truly that’s innovation.


Mobile TV  – services and mobile apps make programming available beyond the TV set, to tablets, laptops, smartphones and streaming devices

Remote Programming – program or manage a DVR via the Internet, from a computer, tablet or mobile device

Whole House DVR – record programs on one DVR and watch them on any TV in the house; even start a program in one room and finish watching in another

Missed Show Options – restart a TV show already in progress or watch a show that has aired in the last 72 hours

Parental Controls – puts parents in the drivers seat to manage their child’s TV viewing

Video on Demand – thousands of movies, TV shows and informational programs available round-the-clock 3D TV – experience TV in a whole new dimension with an ever-expanding selection of 3D movies and shows

High-Definition Programming – clearest, sharpest picture and sound available, continually adding new channels

High Speed Broadband – “always on” connection allows Texans across the state to upload and download data, videos and other files at speeds significantly faster than those offered by other technologies

Wireless Internet – multiple computers can surf the Internet from any room in the house

Mobile Broadband – access the Internet’s “fast lane” anytime, anywhere, including through access to tens of thousands of Wi-Fi hot spots in cities across the U.S.

Digital Telephone – local and long distance, residential and business service using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, including features such as voicemail converted to text or audio file and sent to telephone or emailTab Content

Home Security – all the features you expect from a home security system, plus the ability to manage your system and watch over your home through remote connectivity

Home Automation – remotely turn on the lights, adjust the thermostat and operate other home systems