This area provides electronic copies of the Texas Statues and Constitution, many of which relate directly to the provision of cable and advanced telecommunications services in the state. Statutes may be searched by keyword using an indexing system.

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Subject Authority
Theft of Cable Television Service Penal Code, Chapter 31,
Sec. 31.12, 31.13 and 31.14
Texas Theft Liability Act Civil Practices and Remedies Code
Chapter 134, Section 134.001 – 134.005
Access to Public Rights-of Way And Easements in Unincorporated Areas Utilities Code, Title 4, Subtitle B,
Chapter 181, Subchapter F,
Section 181.101 – 181.104
Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety Act or “ONE-CALL” Utilities Code, Title 5, Chapter 251,
Provisions Affecting the Operation of Utility Facilities
Sales & Use Tax on Cable Television Service Texas Administrative Code,
Title 34, Part 1, Chapter 3,
Subchapter O, Rule 3.313
Directly to the Texas Tax Code