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Back to School: Reading, Writing and Broadband

As the kids head off back to school, affordable high-speed Internet is an important part of learning in the classroom as well as completing homework assignments. Cable companies are leading the way to increase affordability by providing discounted Internet service, hardware, digital literacy training and technology centers. Learn more.

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Back Keeping Kids Safe Online

With school underway, kids are spending more and more time online, whether it’s for homework, entertainment or communicating with friends. A recent study found that kids spend an estimated 44.5 hours per week online – that’s as many hours as a full-time job! Now a new Vlog (video blog) produced by the cable industry is helping parents to find new ways to keep kids safe in today’s digital world. Learn more.

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TV’s New Season & The Emmys

Along with the new school year comes the new television season, with the return of favorite programming and the debut of new shows on both traditional and cable networks.

In recent years, much anticipation for the new season has shifted from traditional networks to cable, which has drawn top writers, directors and actors who have produced programming of such acclaim that many have dubbed this the new “golden age” of television. Learn more.

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Cable in the Community

Just a few highlights from our member companies:

Cable ONE received this year’s Independent Community Service Award from Cablefax Magazine for its Chromebooks for Kids initiative. For three years, Cable One has donated Chromebooks to schools in 10 markets, including Odessa, to help close the digital divide by giving kids access to technology. Learn more about the initiative.

Comcast on Aug. 25 held a press conference in Houston to share details of a five-year progress report and news on the future of the company’s acclaimed Internet Essentials program and ConnectHome. Appearing at the press conference with company officials was with six-time Olympic medalist Jackie Joyner-Kersee, who was recently named the national spokesperson for Internet Essentials. Among the announcements was that Comcast will provide a $35,000 grant to the City of Houston for a mobile computer lab and $20,000 in grants to both Neighborhood Centers, Inc, and the YMCA in support of their digital literacy efforts and providing internet access at their computer labs. Learn more.

Suddenlink services are now offered as part of a company called Altice USA. Altice is a leading global communications company that acquired Suddenlink as well as Cablevision in the New York area. In doing so, the company created Altice USA, its U.S. division, which is now the fourth largest cable operator in the United States serving customers with Suddenlink services in 17 states and Optimum services in the New York market.

Programming Highlights

Cable providers and programmers have a wide variety of programming on tap this month, including special video on demand offerings by Charter and other operators to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month, the launch of the NFL season and the chase of the playoffs in Major League Baseball. Learn more.